Vitamin K2 60 ct

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Vitamin K2 60 ct by Dave Hawkins' EarthWorks

Menaquinone-7 is:

  • The best form of Vitamin K; it is more bioavailable, better absorbed and is retained for much longer than either K1 or the synthetic form (MK-4).
  • The most efficacious form of Vitamin K for bone and cardio health.
  • The 45 mcg dosage that is the recommendation of Dr. Shurgers, the most active Vitamin K2 researcher in the field.  This dosage was also the highest consumption level of the patients in the Rotterdam study (50% reduction of CVD deaths).
  • Made from an all-natural food source (fermented soy).
  • Vegetarian (including capsule).

Vitamin K2:

  • Supports the body's formation of the active form of osteocalcin.*
  • Osteocalcin helps to build new bone matrix by aiding the binding of calcium.
  • Important in the maintenance of Bone Mineral Content and bone strength.*
  • Supports the formation of the active form of MGP, which is responsible for regulating the amount of calcium that accumulates in arterial walls.*
  • Supports the integrity of arterial walls through the regulation of calcium in the body.*
  • Helps support the health and elasticity of arterial walls.*
  • May help support insulin sensitivity through the regulation of lipopolysaccharides that are known to be inflammatory.*