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Garlic Extract Benefits

Garlic, one of the oldest and most sacred herbal medicines, has been used for thousands of years for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Being the most popular member of the onion family, it’s not shocking that this herb was used by almost every major civilization across history in both raw and cooked forms. They believed it had special healing properties, and now, science has confirmed it.

So, are garlic supplements worth it? We believe the answer to be yes. With the extremely wide range of benefits that it delivers, it is an excellent supplement to any diet. As a powerful antibiotic and antioxidant, garlic has the ability to support immune function, promote cardiovascular health, and help prevent an array of different diseases.

Many of the beneficial effects garlic provide are thought to be related to allicin and other similar compounds. Allicin is produced when a sulfur containing amino acid, named alliin, comes into contact with the enzyme alliinase during cooking preparation or supplement manufacturing.

Zen Supplements – Garlic Extract

Our garlic supplement extracts all the incredible benefits of garlic into an easy to take tablet. It includes 5,000mcg allicin, a vital part of the best garlic supplements, and is fully odor controlled so you can take it anytime, anywhere. Each tablet is also enteric-coated to preserve the allicin cells in and out of your body and prevent unwanted garlic burps which are common with other garlic supplement brands.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides 500mg garlic and 5,000mcg allicin in each tablet
  • Offers synergistic benefits with a variety of naturally occurring compounds such as thiosulfates and gamma-glutamyl cysteines
  • Odor controlled
  • Enteric-coated to protect integrity and ensure burpless tablets
  • Absolutely NO sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

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