Pureway-C / Buffered C: Complete Overview

Pureway-C / Buffered C

Pureway-C / Buffered C is an essential micronutrient that is commonly called ascorbic acid on nutrition labels. Popularly known for its immune system benefits, this is a critical vitamin that you must make sure to consume often for a few reasons. Firstly, your body cannot make vitamin C. Secondly, it is a water-soluble vitamin which makes it hard to store within the body. Lastly, vitamin c plays many key roles and offers so many benefits throughout the body.

There are various functions and benefits that Vitamin C has to offer. It is mainly used by people to boost the immune system and treat the common cold and flu. Vitamin C is excellent for these functions because it is a powerful antioxidant. There are two studies that prove vitamin C’s ability to increase blood antioxidant levels by as much as 30% (link). Its antioxidant properties also protect the body from free radical damage and inflammation. Other benefits and functions include collagen synthesis, metabolizing protein, and the potential to lower risk of heart disease and bad cholesterol.

Vitamin C dosage, deficiency, and side effects

Although relatively uncommon, vitamin C deficiency is mostly caused by poor diet and lifestyle habits such as alcoholism and smoking. Symptoms of deficiency include painful or swollen joints, slow healing wounds, bleeding and inflamed gums, and persistent sickness due to low immunity. Pureway-C / Buffered C


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