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What is Bone Broth Protein Powder?

by Wellica Admin 24 Feb 2022

What Is Bone Broth Protein Powder?

Bone broth protein has exploded in popularity and is now perceived as a super food by many health enthusiasts. Our formula combines all the benefits of bone broth and protein powder in one simple, easy to consume package.

The process involves cooking chicken bones, tendons, ligaments, and water under sustained high-pressure heat in a short amount of time in order to retain as much of the nutritional value as possible. The broth is then dehydrated and converted into a concentrated powder form.

Using every part of the animal goes back since the beginning of civilization. Why start wasting parts of the animal that are less convenient to cook now?

In that spirit we've made the whole process easy for you to get all those AMAZING nutrients out of the bone's in a simple powder.

Benefits of this Product

This product contains a wide variety of nutrients which include powerful amino acids, collagen type 2, glucosamine, chondroitin, proline, glycine, glutamine, and hyaluronic acid.

Our formula is an easily digestible, gut friendly protein punch that can help boost weight loss, appetite suppression, reduce joint pain, reduce skin aging, and less inflammatory ingredients than traditional protein. It is perfect for paleo, keto, or any diet as it contains no carbs while maintaining a great flavor.

When you buy your products from us you get additional benefits due to our high quality manufacturing process and the way we run out business.

Here at Zen Supplements you'll get our Made in America guarantee, ensuring you that this product was manufactured in America; Where manufacturers have safety standards that would allow foreign factories to cut corners with harmful ingredients.

We also pride ourselves on our GMP certified status. This ensures that out products follow safe manufacturing practice, our labels accurately display what the supplement contains, and that the ingredients present are safe to consume.

Additional Benefits:
• Absolutely NO Dairy, Wheat, Gluten, Yeast, Preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
• Responsibly sourced from US raised chickens
• Non-GMO
• Promotes healthy hair, skin, aging, brain and gut function

Our formula combines the best of both worlds in one delicious, nutrient dense package.


Buy Zen Supplements Bone Broth Protein Powder here and receive all the benefits listed above and start you journey to become a happy, healthy, and full of life human being who is ready to go out and conquer your world!

Zen Supplements Bone Broth Protein Powder

If you're in need of some Bone Broth that is going to help you get those gains, help you balance that diet, help you be a better, happier, healthier, person. Then this Bone Broth from Zen Supplements is going to give you the boost you need to see these needs materialize into something tangible. 

Curious About Bone Broth Protein? Here’s What You Need to Know
Bone Broth — sounds gross but the health benefits are incredible.


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