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Inflammation and Chronic inflammation Everything To Know

by Juan G 22 Feb 2022

Introduction to Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation is a process that happens throughout the body in response to factors like injuries, diseases, intense workouts, and even processed foods. It’s a natural bodily function that we all need in order to be healthy, and is very good. Generally a good process but can be bad when it occurs in healthy tissues or goes on for too long.

This is the difference between healthy short-term (acute) type that occurs out of need, and harmful ongoing (chronic) type which is a consequence of poor diet, lifestyle habits, and disease.


The acute type occurs over the span of hours or days, and is usually fixed in less than two weeks. This happens naturally in response to factors such as a cut on an arm, a sore throat, or a weight-lifting exercise.

Symptoms such as swelling and redness begin to quickly, and appear as the body works to repair and restore itself back to a healthy condition.

Chronic Inflammation

Because, this type is the minor form that occurs steadily over a longer period of time, often lasting for months or years. Because this is triggered by perceived threats, where there are no injuries or infections that require the response.

It is typically caused by diet, lifestyle habits, exposure to chemicals and pollution (and smoking), and even some types of medicine.

Cause of Chronic Inflammation

Furthermore, the extra blood flow and white blood cells can be harmful. Plaque buildup and an immune response can attack healthy tissues and organs making them painful and less effective.


Furthermore, This longer form of inflammation is often linked to diseases that include cancers, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and Alzheimer’s. And if that wasn't bad enough, and in addition to symptoms it comes with chronic pain and fatigue. The chronic type is not something that you want to mess around with. Make sure you're taking care of yourself properly as to avoid these side effects and ailments.

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