What Are the Bodily Processes That Use Magnesium?

Magnesium Overview

Magnesium is a vital mineral that is one of the most consumed supplements as of late. It can be found in all parts of life and nature like the sea, earth, animals, plants, and humans. It is crucial to a healthy body, being used for hundreds of bodily functions and depended on by numerous other vitamins and enzymes. This makes magnesium one of the most critical nutrients that your body constantly needs.

What bodily processes use magnesium? Gene maintenance, energy creation, nervous system regulation, protein formulation, and healthy muscle movements are only a handful out of many hundreds. There are also a host of different benefits magnesium possesses. It has the ability to reduce inflammation and fight depression. In addition, magnesium may be able to boost exercise performance due to its ability to move blood sugar into muscles while simultaneously reducing fatigue by removing lactate and waste build up.

Sadly, magnesium deficiency has become far more common that you may think. Two separate studies show that about half of the US and European population don’t consume the daily required amount of magnesium. What’s worse, is the inability to accurately diagnose a deficiency since only 1-2% is distributed in the blood, with the majority being stored in bones.

The symptoms of deficiency are difficult to track, because of magnesium widespread use across hundreds of different bodily functions. The two most common physical symptoms are muscle cramps and spasms. A few causes of a magnesium deficiency are highly processed diets, constant alcohol consumption, and digestive issues.

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