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The Best Grape Seed Extract Benefits

Best Grape Seed Extract Benefits

What are the Best Grape Seed Extract Benefits? It's a wealthy source of antioxidants called polyphenols and oligomeric proanthocyanin complexes (OPCs).

It is made by drying and crushing grape seeds then extracting all of their precious nutrients. The extract can help with healing wounds, improving bone strength, and even help prevent cognitive decline.

The flavonoids contained in GSE have been known to improve collagen synthesis and bone formation.

Animal studies found that GSE added to a diet consisting of any calcium intake can increase bone density, mineral content, and bone strength.

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Why should you buy with us?

Here at Zen Supplements, we are committed to providing quality supplements. Our products are aimed at giving you the maximum benefit from each capsule and losing the fillers that some companies use to cut cost.

We pride ourselves on the fact that EVERYTHING we make is manufactured in the USA. Bringing manufacturing jobs back to America and giving jobs to people here and making those lives better. 

Everything we make is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. Ensuring that our products is produced in a clean and safe environment, our labels accurately display the contents of the supplement, and that the ingredients are safe in the quantities they are encapsulated in.

Zen Supplements – Grape Seed Extract

The formula we offer is only extracted from smaller, low weight seeds known as dimers, trimers, and tetramers. This provides you with a higher content of more absorbable OPC content, the most sought after ingredient in GSE.

We offer the best GSE that is not only patented, but is also European grade with the highest bioavailability and absorption.

Features and benefits:

  • 100mg of high bioavailable and absorbable grape seed extract in each capsule
  • Best-in-class patented Leucoselect brand GSE from Indena, a world leader in the research and manufacturing of European extracts
  • Patented Leucoselect extract derived from the highest quality Muscadet Champagne grapes from France
  • Absolutely NO gluten, sugar, salt, soy, dairy, yeast, wheat, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors
  • Quality and potency guaranteed

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