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What are SAM-e Supplements?

What are SAM-e Supplements

What are SAM-e Supplements? SAMe is a natural compound made by the body for functions ranging from hormone regulation to metabolic reactions.

Although it is naturally occurring, it is understood that dietary factors and aging decreases your body’s ability to produce SAM-e over time.

This has driven people to SAMe supplements, in addition to the proven benefits in treating common ailments such as depression, liver disease, and osteoarthritis.

what does SAMe do

Due to its central role in so many important metabolic processes, the benefits of pharmaceutical grade SAMe seem endless.

Most of the research and trials have been conducted to study SAMe effects on depression and liver disease.

Why should you buy with us?

Here at Zen Supplements, we are committed to providing quality supplements. Our products are aimed at giving you the maximum benefit from each capsule and losing the fillers that some companies use to cut cost.

We pride ourselves on the fact that EVERYTHING we make is made in the USA. Bringing jobs back to America and giving jobs to people here and making those lives better. 

Everything we make is also GMP certified. Ensuring that our products is produced in a clean and safe area, our labels accurately display the contents of the supplement, and that they are safe in the quantities they are in.

Zen Supplements – SAM-e

A best-in-class SAMe formula that contains pharmaceutical grade SAMe specially sourced from Italy to guarantee you maximum quality and potency.

This SAMe comes in tosylate disulfate form, the most reliable compound that’s been used in the majority of clinical studies and trials.

It comes in a convenient, enteric coated tablet to provide you with maximum absorption of the beneficial active ingredients.

Features and Benefits:

  • 200mg of pharmaceutical grade SAM-e in each tablet
  • Pure and safe form selectively sourced form Italy
  • Enteric coated for optimal absorption
  • Quality and potency guaranteed
  • Absolutely NO sugar, salt, dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

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