best women's probiotic

What do Women's Probiotics do?

Women's Probiotic Health

In the last decade, many people have begun to realize the great need of good gut bacteria and a balanced gut biome. These good gut bacteria, known as probiotics, control so many aspects of your well being. But exactly what do women's probiotics do?

From food digestion and nutrient intake – all the way to serotonin production and mood improvement, the functions of these friendly critters are vital to a healthy body and happy mind.

best women's probiotic

What do Women's Probiotics Do?

Good probiotic levels can help regulate a balanced microbiome. The benefits of probiotics are quite vast and can be classified under proper bodily function, treatment of various conditions, and prevention of malnutrition and disease.

Probiotic benefits include optimal brain function, reduction of LDL (bad) cholesterol, restoration of a healthy gut, immune system boost, and healthy skin.

Probiotics are also often used to treat minor illness such as chronic inflammation, digestive issues including IBS, chronic diarrhea, depression and anxiety, and UTI and vaginal infections.

It is also important to note the gut-brain connection. The brain and gut closely interact, which means that an unhealthy, unbalanced gut biome can lead to poor cognitive function and even depression and anxiety.

Biome imbalance with too much harmful bacteria often leads to ‘brain fog’ which is a mental condition that prevents strong clarity, focus, and memory.  

Probiotic Bacteria Deficiency

An imbalance of gut bacteria can cause some serious life altering issues. This has been understood by humans for ages, with Hippocrates saying that “all disease begins in the gut” over two thousand years ago.

The bad effects of low probiotics count or an overall unbalanced gut biome can make themselves known in many ways, looking at the many other functions gut bacteria perform.

The most common symptoms include upset stomach, GI disease, digestive issues, weight changes, and constant fatigue.

Since they also help us absorb nutrients from food, an unhealthy gut biome can cause a lack of nutrition which can also lead to severe issues and disease. For our product though, what do women's probiotics do?

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Here at Zen Supplements, we are committed to providing quality supplements. Our products are aimed at giving you the most benefit from each capsule and losing the fillers that some people use to cut cost.

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Zen Supplements - 100 Billion Probiotic Formula

This specialized probiotics formula contains 12 different probiotic strains and 100 billion CFU per cap to provide you with a high potency supplement and a best variety of good from each cap.

These strains are acid resistant allowing each probiotic cell to get through stomach acid and eliminate the need for enteric coated capsules.

They are also stabilized using a patented poly matrix system to guarantee full potency through expiration, at room temperature without the need for keeping at cold temps.

Lastly, this blend is sourced from Danisco, a world leader in probiotic research to ensure you with best-in-class quality.

Features and Benefits:

  • High potency 100 billion 12 strain formula sourced from Danisco, a world leader in probiotics research
  • Stabilized to get rid of the need for storing at cold temps.
  • Bio-enhanced to ensure that they make it through digestion and stomach acid
  • Easy to take veggie capsule
  • Quality and potency will get you through expiration
  • NO salt, dairy, wheat, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

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Now that you know the answer to the question "what do women's probiotics do" you should be able to go out and improve your life even if it's not with us!


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