EPA and DHA supplements

What does EPA and DHA do for You?

What does EPA and DHA do for You?

The three main omega-3 fatty acids are (ALA), (EPA), and (DHA). ALA is found mainly in plant oils . DHA and EPA are found in fish. Getting them from foods and supplements is the only way to increase levels of these omega-3 fatty acids in your body.

Omega-3s are important components of the membranes that surround each cell in your body. DHA levels are especially high in retina (eye), brain, and sperm cells.

what is epa and dha in fish oil


Omega-3s have many functions in your heart, blood vessels, lungs, immune system, and endocrine system (the network of hormone-producing glands).

Would you say that omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients for human health and welfare? Absolutely.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death each year in the US. This is why Omega's are more important now than they've been ever before. Omegas while they are fats themselves, help your cardiovascular system reduce triglycerides in the blood as well as built up plaque that can accumulate there over time.

Foods to get EPA and DHA

For most of us, eating EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids is the exception rather than the rule. A lot of the time you have to force yourself to eat them rather than actually wanting to.

But these days you can find these essential nutrients in omega-3 fortified foods and supplements.

The main type you need is found in fish oil, such as salmon. There are other types of fish-liver oils, and the process some seafood is cooked in affects the flavor and quality of these oils.




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